For many people, it’s just not Christmas without the extra brilliance and shine of cut and blown glass ornaments. If you are a lover of all things that glitter, you can have a beautiful holiday by decorating with pieces from the Crystal Collection. DEMDACO brings a wide range of ornaments made from glass, glitter, sequins, and polished metal to meet every style and decorating theme. These ornaments look fabulous on a vintage silver tree and add some fun to a tropical tree in a Floridian household. Whatever your need for a bit of sparkle, this Collection fills it. Make the holidays more memorable for your loved ones with the gift of this Holiday Winter Jeweled Snowflake Frame Ornament. It is a great way to display a loved one’s photograph in the center of a wire and rhinestone decorated snowflake. The ornament also has a small tag with the following sentiment, “God made you special, like a beautifully intricate snowflake. He handcrafted every little detail and made you unlike any other. May this snowflake always be a reminder of His love for you.” This DEMDACO Holiday Winter Jeweled Snowflake Frame Ornament is made from metal and synthetic Crystal. The ornament comes in a clear acetate tray. It measures 5″w x 6″h.